Q+R PT.2 - One Movement Forever? Fad Diets? Bouncing Back from Bad Nutrition.

Ryan is back at it with another Question + Response Pod.

The questions were:

  1. How do you handle going off the rails (nutrition)?

  2. Thoughts on Fad Diets?

  3. How to train on the road/traveling?

  4. What 1 movement would you choose if you could only do that one forever?

  5. How much progress can you make at 45?

Ransom News 10/31/18

Just a little news we wanted to get out there to y’all. Let us know if you have any questions!

Episode 4 - Leslie & Sarah

This week Ryan sits down to chat with some of Ransom's very first members, Leslie & Sarah. The gang talks about how they found CrossFit, what "non-CrossFitters" seem to think about CrossFit, and whether or not you should be able to sell your kidneys.

Episode 3 - The End of the Open

Ryan chats about what to do now that the Open is over. And lays out the 12 week training block we have currently.

Episode 1 - Morgan, David, & Jessica

We kick off our podcast with an interview with Morgan, David, and Jessica. We were all at the beach so we decided to go for it.